About Emma

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.


I’m Emma and I am in my early 40’s living and working in Sidmouth in Devon, UK. I was always a really avid reader but somehow ground to a real halt for some reason. I have missed out on so many great books and have recently loved discovering and binge-watching BookTube so thought I would jump back into reading and make it harder to back out by starting a blog and having you all as accountability partners!!

I have a really eclectic taste for books, no really, I do! One moment you will find me reading Harry Potter (for the millionth time) and the next I will be devouring this years darkest psychological thriller, or the new Jodi Picoult .. or Dan Brown for that matter too! I will give anything a go and am not afraid to DNF (did not finish) a book if it is not gripping me!


My aim will be to post a review for every book I read from the day I start this blog (and perhaps some retrospectively if I feel they deserve a shout out); I am equal parts a mood reader and a planning reader so there will be some TBR (To Be Read) posts when I am planning certain books for certain times (think challenges mainly) and I will also try to state where the book came from and how much it cost me.

I am always open to hearing from and chatting with you in the comments or via email / social media so please do give me a comment, follow, subscribe wherever you find me!

I don’t have any qualifications in reading, writing, reviewing or literature in general – all thoughts, opinions and comments are my own and whilst I encourage debate and chatter, I won’t tolerate any hate comments (I hate that I even have to put that).

Grab a cuppa, sit back and dive in!

All the best,