Book Review: Eden Chip by Scott Cramer

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Science Fiction
Date Published: July 1, 2018
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Thanks to nanochips implanted in human brains, the world is at peace in 2055. But not everyone likes having their emotions controlled, or their religion suppressed.
Eighteen-year-old Raissa embarks upon a perilous mission to free the world, just days before the release of nanochip Version 7, which will broadcast every citizen’s thoughts to the Collective.
The countdown has started, and Raissa must make choices that jeopardize the lives of billions, including the only boy she has ever loved.
Note: Some discussion of technology, some “techno-speak”; clean, no sex or swearing; some non-graphic violence, a tiny bit of graphic violence.

About the Author:

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Scott Cramer has optioned two screenplays, written for national magazines, and authored four novels: EDEN CHIP and the TOUCAN TRILOGY (Night of the Purple Moon, Colony East & Generation M). Scott and his wife reside outside Lowell, Massachusetts.

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My Review:

The premis of this one is great – and one that you can totally see coming in the future which is equally exciting and terrifying! One thing I liked in particular was that even though it is based in a dystopian future, there are several themes that ring bells and I love that as it makes it so relatable.
This is a face paced book with the twists and turns that I love in a book – books that keep you guessing all the way through, whether it ends as anticipated or not, are my favourite kind!
Despite the warning above, I didn’t find the “techno-speak” too bad and was able to keep up with pretty much all of it which made for easier reading!
The characters were colourful – I had to admit to being a little bored of the ‘orphaned-cum-saviour-of-the-universe’ idea but it does make a good story!
I enjoyed it and would recommend to all dystopian YA fans!
3.5 Stars

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