Book Review: "Sex Drive" by Stephanie Theobald

Today I am reviewing “Sex Drive” by Stephanie Theobald which has been arranged kindly by Anne Cater of Random Things Tours.

Date Started: 13th October 2018
Date Finished: 20th October 2018
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Arriving in New York with a failing relationship and a body she felt out of touch with, Stephanie Theobald set off on a 3,497 mile trip across America to re-build her orgasm from the ground up. What started as a quest for the ultimate auto-erotic experience became a fantastic voyage into her own body.
She takes us from ‘body sex’ classes with the legendary feminist Betty Dodson to an interview with the former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired for suggesting that masturbation should be talked about in schools. Along the way, we are immersed in a weird, counter cultural America of marijuana farms and ‘ecosexual sexologists’.
Sex Drive is a memoir about desire and pleasure, merging sexuality and spirituality, eighteenth-century porn and enlightenment philosophy. A new sexual revolution has begun – and this time round, it’s all about the women.

About the Author:

Stephanie Theobald is a British journalist, novelist, public speaker and broadcaster known for her playful and thoughtful work around sexuality and feminism. The Times described her as ‘one of London’s most celebrated literary lesbians’ and she writes regularly for the Guardian, the Sunday Times and Elle UK. She is the author of four novels, most recently A Partial Indulgence (2010). She lives between London and Los Angeles.

My Review:

Firstly, I adore the cover of this book. So colourful and definitely attention grabbing!
This book is not for the feint hearted – if you don’t like the thought if being told to look at your nether regions in the mirror or pleasuring yourself with a group of other women, then I wouldn’t suggest reading this book!
If, however, you are more of a modern thinking person, like me, that thinks that we need to demystify sex, masturbation and related subjects then this will be a great book to read!
I have to admit to feeling a little squeamish in places BUT .. that’s part of the delight of this book – it makes you think about things that were taught to ignore and event think of as bad/wrong/naughty/disgusting.
The characters that the author got to meet, talk and .. ahem .. do other things with is quite spectacular and all of them add something to the book rather than being names thrown in to brag. It is very much a female empowerment book – I am a quiet feminist (in fact my brother and I joke about the fact that he is more of a feminist than I am) but loved the overall message in this book. I truly believe that if we talked about sex, masturbation and the things that go with it more, the stigmas would break down and things would be understood better.
I also want to mention how jealous I am of her bring able to drive across the USA – it is something I have harboured a desire for for a very long time and one day I hope I will be able to manage it.
I would highly recommend this book to each and every woman out there, and the men too – I believe that if we all know a little more about each other and the things that turn us on and give us the most pleasure, the world would be a much happier place!
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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