Book Review: Triplicity by J Mercer

I am delighted to have been given the chance to read and review “Triplicity” by J Mercer today courtesy of YA Bound Book Tours.

by J. Mercer
Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: January 2019

About the Book:

One week on an Alaskan cruise, three teens, and an endless trail of lies.

Enter a series of thefts on board and they all fall under scrutiny. Though Navy acts a proper preacher’s daughter, she did end up with someone else’s purse in her hands, and Jesse knows way more than he should about what’s gone missing. Isaiah, however, is the one with motive—enough money and he could get back to his ranch. Each holds a piece of the truth, but exposing the thief could damn them all. They must navigate through the lies they’ve told, choose between standing together or saving themselves, and decide if innocence is worth facing their ugliest secrets. Add to Goodreads

About the Author:

J Mercer grew up in Wisconsin where she walked home from school with her head in a book, filled notebooks with stories in junior high, then went to UW Madison for accounting and psychology only to open a dog daycare. She wishes she were an expert linguist, is pretty much a professional with regards to competitive dance hair (bunhawk, anyone?), and enjoys exploring with her husband—though as much as she loves to travel, she’s also an accomplished hermit. Perfect days include cancelled plans, rain, and endless hours to do with what she pleases.

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My Review:

I want to start by mentioning the characters in this book – They are all so interesting to read about and I love that we get to see a little of their back story as well as see what is happening during the story. They are likeable rogues and all have their complexities.

The setting too is an interesting one – a cruise ship! The freedom combined with a limited boundary made the story an exciting one and I loved reading about the day-to-day stuff of a cruise as I have never been on one but would love to!

The only part I didn’t like so much was the romance, but that’s just personal preference and although not something I look for in a book, it didn’t distract me from loving the rest of it!

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a ‘typical’ YA book with some mystery and adventure in it!


    • You are more than welcome – thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the book!

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