Flash Fiction Friday: Outside the Window

As the rain lashes down outside my window, I subconsciously wrap my arms around my body, even though it’s not cold in my bedroom. Looking out over the street, I can see all my neighbours making their way to my house.

Mrs Hughes is hobbling along with her stick, struggling to stay upright and going 1 mile a fortnight; The Jeffersons are getting out of their car – they had to come the farthest I guess but it’s still only a five minute walk from their house; Tony and Madge are huddled under the smallest umbrella I have ever seen but they’re laughing loudly and it makes me smile a real smile, not something I’ve done since before my sister died last week.

We’re saying goodbye to her today and everyone is coming here to give their condolences.  I’m not sure I’m ready to face everyone yet, but I have to. I guess the rain outside the window matches my mood perfectly.


**A fictional story by me**


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