Flash Fiction Friday: The Vessel


I’m surprised at how big it is; It’s HUGE. All I can see is grey and the occasional black and white, but not a lot else. Not on the boat anyway. If I look left I can see all the banners and colourful outfits that the other families and friends are wearing. I feel a little silly, standing here alone amongst thousands of people all cheering, hugging, laughing and crying. I have no idea if I’m going to find him but I know I have to try.

The last time we spoke a few days ago, we argued and I told him I didn’t want to see him ever again. It was only the next day when it dawned on me that it could actually happen.  He’s deploying you see, to a particularly volatile place and the job that he does means that he is a target.

I’m unsure if there is protocol at these things; do the officers stand in a different part to the others? Scanning uniformed faces, trying to cover as much ground as possible as quickly as I can I continue to push through the crowds, not recognising a single face.

We haven’t been together long, a whirlwind romance a lot of my friends called it; Told me I should forget about him and move on.  Who wants to be a military spouse these days? I thought they were right, until I realised that I love him and needed to let him know before the boat leaves today.  I could tell him over the phone or even in a text, but I want to see him one last time.  He’ll be away for 8 months this time.

I push my way through to the back and see someone that looks like they’re trying to help people so I walk towards her.  I ask her how I could find him and she tells me that if he isn’t expecting anyone to be here, he may be in his bunk. Crestfallen I sigh and resolve to looking for his familiar grin.

And then I see it, walking towards me. In a matter of seconds his arms are around me, tears falling down my cheeks and tumbling over my words as I try to explain everything.

“Shh. We’re here now. That’s all that matters”

After what seems like a few seconds, an announcement is made and he has to go. We kiss and promise to call and write when we can, and he’s gone.

My lover, my best friend, my sailor, my hero. Off to do his duty for his country. I’m so glad I found him.


**A Fictional Story by me**


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