Flash Fiction Friday: Unrequited Love

I feel so stupid. He asked me to tell him exactly how I was feeling and it all came tumbling out; how I’ve never met someone like him before, how I look forward to his calls and texts all day, how I smile whenever I think of him and how, in my head, we are dating already.

And now I’m lying here crying myself to sleep because he told me he wasn’t sure how he feels. He admitted he likes me, thinks we get each other on many levels and that I seem to understand his way of thinking and doing things more than any girl he’s met before, but is scared to meet me.

His excuse seems silly to me. He says he likes what we have and doesn’t want it to change; he’s worried we won’t get on if we meet. My theory is that we either will and it will be the start of something great, or we won’t and at least we’ll both know for sure.

I know what I have to do – I have to walk away, but I don’t think I can give up on him, just yet.

**A Fictional Story written by me**



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