Review: Black Widows by Cate Quinn

Today I am reviewing “Black Widows” by Cate Quinn courtesy of Anne at Random Things Tours.

About the Book:

The only thing the three women had in common was their husband.

And, as of this morning, that they’re each accused of his murder.

Blake Nelson moved into a hidden stretch of land – a raw paradise in the wilds of Utah – where he lived with his three wives:
Rachel, the chief wife, obedient and doting to a fault.
Tina, the other wife, who is everything Rachel isn’t.
And Emily, the youngest wife, who knows little else.

When their husband is found dead under the desert sun, the questions pile up.

But none of the widows know who would want to kill a good man like Blake.

Or, at least, that’s what they’ll tell the police…


About the Author:

Cate Quinn is a travel and lifestyle journalist for The Times, the Guardian and the Mirror, alongside many magazines. Prior to this, Quinn’s background in historic research won prestigious postgraduate funding from the British Art Council. Quinn pooled these resources, combining historical research with first-hand experiences in far-flung places to create critically acclaimed and bestselling historical fiction.

My Review:

This book seemed right up my alley when I was offered it and I am so glad that I managed to bag myself a copy! I love books that involve religion and cults; I think its because I am not a religious person myself and so I find it interesting experiencing things from multiple points of view.  Three wives … a recipe for disaster?!

Told from the point of view of the three wives, Rachel, Tina and Emily, the story really has so many directions and just as you think you get it, something comes along to make you realise that you probably don’t know the half of it! I wondered if hearing from three voices would be too much, but I found that I very quickly ‘forgot’ about that part of it as the voices do differ enough; The backstories of the wives are really interesting and I loved hearing them in particular.

If I have one complaint, it is that it was a little long; the start and the end were perfectly paced, but the middle felt a little slow but I am perfectly aware that I am an impatient reader and was probably just excited for the ending and for it all to be resolved!

So, did I guess the ending? I did not .. but I liked how it was handled!

I would recommend this to anyone that likes thrillers and/or stories based around religious experiences.

My Rating:


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