Review: Check Mate by L.R.Starr


A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 1
A gruesome murder. Floating body parts found in the Hudson river all before breakfast on a Sunday morning. The Elliots got away with it again…
A rich family lineage ruling New York City that deemed themselves untouchable. The golden baton has been passed to the blue-eyed Robert Elliot. He’s the head of the empire now, and he’s been getting away with murder. Or so he thinks…
What he didn’t bank on is the dark horse, Sara Clemens. Clemens is a badass private investigator and she’s set to turn the tables on Elliot. Clemens has her own set of problems to deal with. Like the fact, she has to babysit a bratty supermodel and avoid becoming a pawn in Elliot’s game.
Will she let this dangerously electric attraction between her and Elliot cloud the case? Will she be able to solve the murder in time to avenge the death of her client’s son?
Get prepared for a game of cat and mouse, high wit, unlikely players, forbidden attraction, crazy model behavior, and international espionage.
What readers are saying…
I’ve read this book and it’s really good. It will leave you tearing your hair out at the end, begging for more!’
My what a cruel cliffhanger that was! At the start I didn’t expect to be attached to the characters. But now I can’t wait for more!!’
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L.R. Starr is a lover of mysteries, witty dialogue, suspense, romance, and fantasy. If you like to travel through your books strap in for the ride she’ll take you across the country.
When she’s not I’m writing she’s usually exploring, and coming up with yet another devious plot or pursuing her other love which is painting and drawing. Enjoy the bedlam friends!
The book is written for a few different points of view, starting with Sara and I honestly took a little while to get into the chatty style but once I could see how it was working, I ended up loving it! I’ve always loved the ‘breaking of the 4th wall’ in TV and film and this felt very much like that with Sara ‘chat-narrating’ the first part of the story, much like you were sitting in her lounge with a cuppa, catching up on her latest antics.
Hawk was up next and even before we heard from him, I felt an affinity with him, simply because he identifies as an army-brat, which I do too (and proudly so) and I love the relationship they have! The other thing I love about their story is that they work on cases that perhaps didn’t go the ‘right’ way the first time – a little like a Robin Hood for PI’s –  a brilliant premis and one that is fun to watch as the story unfolds!
There are many emotions and feelings contained within the storyline, some a little more believable than others in my opinion, but the ones I don’t necessarily agree with don’t detract too much from the believability and pace of the storyline.  I particularly like the Hawk back-story and current story during which we see the subtlety of his pain and regret.
Overall I really enjoyed this, the first book in the Sara Clemens series by L.R. Starr and will make sure to add the others in the series to my Wish list and TBR! I give it:
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