Review: No Good Deed by Ewan Lawrie

Today I am reviewing “No Good Deed” (part of the Moffat series) by Ewan Lawrie courtesy of Anne at Random Things Tours and Unbound.

About the Book:


Moffat the Magniloquent returns. Events at Gibbous House are over a decade in the past. Penniless, he heads south to St Louis. On murdering one Anson Northrup, Moffat assumes his identity and becomes involved with an Underground Railroad scheme to free slaves and rob the New Orleans Mint. Moffat meets another cast of grotesques and occasional real-life characters, including Marie Laveau, when he gets to New Orleans.

The scheme is complex and involves two riverboats and hiding both the silver and slaves from the authorities and a traitor in the ranks. Moffat learns more of the truth behind his origins, his past and what happened at Gibbous House. Moffat encounters the redoubtable and attractive Miss Pardoner – a woman seemingly unaffected by the passage of time – once again.

PAPERBACK – 978-1-78965-091-4 – 21 January 2021
EBOOK – 978-1-78965-092-1 – 21 January 2021
SUBJECT – Historical Fiction

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About the Author:

Ewan Lawrie spent 23 years in the Royal Air Force, 10 years in Cold War Berlin and 12 years flying over the rather warmer conflicts that followed. He began writing during long boring flights over desert countries, and what started as a way of killing time soon developed into a passion.

Nowadays he spends his time in the south of Spain, writing and teaching English to Andalucians and other hispanophones. He has had stories and poetry published in several anthologies. No Good Deed is the sequel to his first novel, Gibbous House.

My Review:

The fact that I was a forces kid growing up was the main reason behind wanting to read this book due to Lawrie’s stint in the RAF (we have to stick together!). Of course the historical fiction part drew me on too!

This is the second book in the series and unfortunately I had not read the first before starting this, but it didn’t matter as this can be read as a standalone! I admit I am pretty uneducated when it comes to American history (something this book made me realise I need and want to change) but I felt the author was good at the word building and descriptions – I felt I could understand what was happening and not get lost in facts – it was a perfect mix to ensure enjoyment of the story.

I did particularly like the darkness of the book; it felt grim and depressing at times (due to the storyline and writing style) and whilst some might have found the humour a little out of place, I loved it (might be that Army part of me resurfacing).

The characters were interesting – I eel that a few of them were probably introduced in the first book but it didn’t make the reading of them difficult.  Moffat is an interesting one though – I kinda loved him and disliked him at the same time, but i think that was the point!

I will absolutely be going back a step to read the first book in the series and look forward to seeing if I get any ‘oooohhhhhh I see’ moments and will ensure that I keep an eye open for the next one .. which I hope is on its way!

Recommended for Historical Fiction lovers, particularly for those interested in US History in the Civil War.

My Rating:

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