Review: Red Corona by Tim Glister

Today I am reviewing Red Corona by Tim Glister Courtesy of Anne at Random Things Tours and Point Blank Crime.

About the Book:

British secret agent Richard Knox has been hung out to dry by someone in MI5, and while his former boss lies in a coma, he needs to find the traitor in their midst.

In Russia, top scientist Irina Valera discovers the secret to sending messages through space, a technology that could change the world. But a terrible accident forces her to flee.

Desperate for a way back into MI5, Knox makes an unlikely ally in Abey Bennett, one of the CIA’s only female recruits, realizing that Valera’s technology in the hands of the KGB could be catastrophic for the West.

As the age of global surveillance dawns, all three have something to prove.

Set against a backdrop of true events during the Cold War, RED CORONA is a smart, fast-paced spy thriller from a talented new crime writer.

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About the Author:

TIM GLISTER grew up in Newcastle and now lives in London. An Associate Creative Director in advertising, he’s worked for a range of famous and infamous global brands, including eighteen months at the controversial political communications agency Cambridge Analytica in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential primaries. In a previous life he was a literary agent and a bookseller. Red Corona is his first novel.

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My Review:

I love espionage books and I am growing to love historical fiction so this book seemed like a total WIN for me when I was offered a free copy in return for an honest Review. I love the cover too – the bright red used with a couple other colours is really attractive.

The first thing of note for this review is the knowledge that Glister clearly has about his subject and the time in which he set the book.  The storyline is full of twists and surprises and the action scenes are written exceedingly well!

There is a twist at the end; I’m not going to say that I knew exactly what was going to happen but I had an inkling and go it mostly right – but that was satisfying, not a let down!

Overall I loved the book and for a debut novel I think it only points to an author that I will most definitely be going to follow with interest and excitement.  I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves a bit of espionage!

My Rating:


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