Review: The Kings Market Killer by Frances Lloyd

I am delighted to bring you my stop on the blog tour for The Kings Market Killer by Frances Lloyd today.

About the Book:

A densely plotted murder mystery packed with shocking twists.

You can get anything at the Kings Market — a vibrant, noisy hotchpotch of stalls, rammed with bustling traders, each with their own colourful stories.

But now some people are getting more than they bargained for.

Fenella Wilson has had enough of her rude, sniping mother-in-law, Ida. And she’s sick of her husband always siding with Ida.

Fenella and her friend cook up a plan to slip anti-freeze into her homemade jam.

Jericho, the elderly owner of the Jamaican music stall is found dead. Apparently, his heart gave out . . .

Detective Jack Dawes has a lot on his plate. And now even his wife is under suspicion.

Meet the Detectives:

Detective Inspector Jack Dawes, tall and handsome, looks like the fuzz even when he’s off-duty. He rose up through the ranks at Scotland Yard and now is a well-respected detective in the murder squad. A career copper, he was married to the job until he met Coriander during a money laundering investigation, the case which earned him his promotion to DI. He has logical analytical skills. She has intuitive people skills. So he bounces ideas off her. They make a formidable and funny couple whose skills combine to solve crimes.

About the Author:

Frances Lloyd was born in Essex but now lives in the Scottish Highlands. She was educated in Cheltenham where she studied English and Classics. 

Frances has always been a writer. The day job was in government communications. She has also worked as a freelance journalist and photographer, and began by writing short stories, but her ambition was always to write murder mysteries. She now writes full time and has published six crime novels. 

Married three times but now a widow, Frances’ hobbies are reading, travelling and wine tasting.

My Review:

This is the first book in this series that I have read, and it didn’t make any difference as these books are clearly able to be treated as standalone stories. Yes there were a couple of points made about things that had happened ‘some time’ ago but it didn’t affect the story in the slightest.

I have to admit that the first couple of pages of the book didn’t grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me in immediately, but I soon realised that I was racing through it wanting to read ‘just on more chapter’ to find out what happened next!

The characters in this book are particularly interesting to me and I think this is where reading the other books would help just a little; there wasn’t a lot of character building for the main protagonists which I suspect would have been built over the previous books. Having said that, it did not detract from the story at all and I actually liked all of them.  Well I say liked, there was one or two that left a little to be desired and I felt that Ida Wilson in particular was excellently written and evilly horrid – she got what was coming to her for sure!

One thing I found myself thinking, was that I actually wanted ‘the baddies’ (the murderers) to get away with it; you learn very early on who the murders are as the story is written from their point of view as well as the police and so you do build a relationship with them and understand things from their point of view.

The other thing I thought was really good was the world building.  I have lived in a little seaside town for 6 years now and I could totally see this all taking place where I live, from the market taking place weekly with stall from the local groups and rivalries fro positions within the groups – it made it all the more interesting!

I very much enjoyed the book and it has made me decide to fish out the first 5 books and give them a read too!






Overall I wold give the book a 3.5 out of 5.

**I was offered this book for free in return for a review.

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