Review: The Sugar Game by Ashley Brown

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About the Book

Jessica and Holly don’t want love, they want independence. They don’t want predictable, they want adventure. They don’t want a relationship they want to play.  Jessica and Holly’s friendship was inevitable as sunrise and hungry for life beyond sleep, eat and repeat, they land in the bright lights of London.

When Holly stumbles across a sugar-baby dating website, a glamorous world of entertaining wealthy men lures them in. They make their own rules, choose an alias and the Sugar Game begins. Jessica’s pursuit of independence is rocked when Jerod, a workaholic scientist opens the door of her latest date. Jessica’s mask slips as he loosens the grip on her stubborn heart. But when he pulls back, her insecurities flare, what is he hiding?

A shadowy figure from his mysterious past may have the answer. What he reveals locks Jessica into a dangerous conflict, putting her security on the line. Determined to find the truth, she battles between her heart and head.

Whatever choice she makes, this is not going to be easy. As rules get broken, will the girls ever win the sweet futures they signed up for?

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About the Author

ASHLEY BROWN is a London-based author and writing coach. Turning her back on a career in law led her to becoming a notorious jobslut, inspiring her first book, published in 2018. She has completed various writing courses with Michelle Danner in LA and Faber & Faber. The Sugar game is her second novel. She believes a sense of humour is the only seatbelt required for a creative life, pursued with infectious optimism. Her writing is inspired by the rollercoaster of life, fuelled by coffee and an insatiable sweet tooth.



My Review

I had to admit that the cover was totally the attraction on this one for me to begin with – isn’t it great?  So eye-catching!  Once that grabbed me and I read the blurb, I decided I loved the premis and had to have a read!  I think all of us harbour dreams of being a sugar baby (is there such a thing as a sugar-middle aged woman?!) and have grand thoughts of free hotel stays and once-in-a-lifetime holidays .. and I am sure they happen, but are probably not the whole story and I think this book proves that point perfectly!

I have to admit that I felt the first third of the book was a little rushed – I would have loved to learn more about the girls’ adventures when literally just starting out but it seemed to go from being in London at University, to having the idea and then we’re catapulted to a few years ahead where the main story takes place. I also felt the first couple of meetings with Jarod could have been expounded upon a bit – from my POV, she seemed to fall head over heels with a guy just because she wasn’t ‘clock-watching’. Maybe I’m just a romantic at heart who feels like she is missing out and  wants to hear about all the conversations too!

Having said that, it didn’t bother me so much as to put it down and once the ‘real story’ got going, I really enjoyed it! There is a small requirement to ‘suspend belief’ in parts (a random person approaching the main character to ask her to act as a spy for him is questionable) but once you are able to push them aside and read it as a bit of light relief the pace is great, the storyline fun and it definitely leaves you rooting for ‘goodies’.

I would recommend it to anyone that likes a Romantic Mystery or someone looking for an easy read on holiday.

My Rating


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