The Indie View: An Interview with me!

A little while ago, I signed up as a review on The Indie View – it’s a fantastic website that brings indie authors and reviewers together. When I signed up, I got a lovely email from them saying welcome and thank you and asked if I would be interested in answering some questions for them. I replied and said I would love to and the result is the interview that they posted yesterday!

If you are a book reviewer in any shape or form, I would really highly recommend signing up with them – India Authors have a real challenge getting their books out to the public and I firmly believe that if there is any little thing that I can do to help them, I will!

I started getting emails from authors at the beginning of June and thus far, have received over 40 emails from authors requesting me to consider their book. Now, I can’t possibly accept all of the requests but I do respond to everyone, including if I am unsure if the books is for me – it’s only polite! At the very least, it is really lovely getting to meet other bookish people!


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